Pure Safety.

Glaswerke Haller offers you know-how in all areas of safety glass processing techniques.

Pure Safety. In Glass.

Our range of safety glass includes all forms and types of safety glass which provide optical and mechanical protection. We can supply various types of glass, either chemically or thermally hardened or further processed into laminated safety glass.

Our core competences:

  • Development of customer-specific safety glazing in combination with special coated glasses (e.g. non-reflecting or mirror glasses)
  • Production of single layer safety glass (chemically or thermally hardened
  • Lamination of various glasses to form laminated safety glass
  • Production of laminated glass systems glass/glass and glass/plastic laminates as well as laminates with foreign materials such as wood, metal and metal mesh as well as other fabrics, textiles and other materials.

We develop and process

  • Optical safety glass
  • Mechanical safety glass
  • Laminated safety glass and laminated glass systems
  • Machine guard glazing
  • Radiation protection glazing
  • Vandal-proof glazing systems
  • Non-reflecting laminated safety glasses
  • Special filter systems
  • Laminated safety glass with UV/IR protection